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Don't go into Orson Welles' final exam take expecting IT to be Associate in Nursing easy view. The Other Side of the Wind, which follows fictional veteran soldier Hollywood theater director Jake Hannaford (tooootally not shapely after Welles himself) and his protegé (as wel tooootally not vitamin A surrogate for Welles' own friend and mentee Peter Bogdanovich, WHO too plays the character) as they take care a political party in celebration of Hannaford's current film and are beset along all sides by Hannaford's friends, enemies, and everyone in between. The film, which Welles hoped would live his big comeback to Hollywood, was left wing famously unfinished for decades after his death in 1985. Thanks to Bogdanovich and producer Frank Marshall, it was at last completed in 2018, and the lead is A vivacious and flakey atavist to Welles' own research 1970s water games fun style, made even more reverberant if you know how tangled the movie is with its have backstory. If you want to dive even deeper, Netflix besides released a documentary well-nig the Restoration and completion of the film, They'll Love Me When I'm Dead, which delves into Welles' own complicated and sad kinship with Hollywood and the craft of movie making.

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